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About Me

I will teach you how to cure migraines

Dawn Gregory, creator of Real Migraine Cure

I am a writer, inventor, app developer, and lifelong student of the human condition.

I suffered from migraines for over 18 years and spent much of that time researching and testing natural remedies. I was fortunate to find a solution that cured my migraines completely, and I want to help everyone who has been cursed with this devastating condition.

I created the Real Migraine Cure to share what I’ve learned about migraines and help you cure your migraines once and for all.

My Migraine Story

I had my first Migraine in December 1996, during my 12th week of pregnancy. This was preceded by weeks of nausea, exhaustion, caffeine and nicotine withdrawal, and poor diet. I was living on protein shakes and prenatal vitamins, unable to prepare regular meals or eat them. Two weeks later, I lost the baby.

From that point the Migraines became progressively worse, and more frequent. I was severely depressed after my miscarriage, and spent many months barely able to get out of bed. My eating habits did not improve. By 2005, I was losing 2 full days each week to the devastating pain. I tried career change, better nutrition, quit drinking, did yoga, meditation, medication, and found that I could avoid Migraines sometimes, but not always. Some new factor would always creep into my life and take me out of it again.

Being an information junkie, I studied everything I could find about Migraines. I learned about the whole array of Migraine triggers and carefully studied my own. I started a Migraine journal and analyzed each incident thoroughly. I came up with my own theory of Migraine based on my experience and my findings.

Why We Get Migraines

I believe that Migraines are caused by “toxic overload”. Toxins build up in your body from a variety of sources and result in a Migraine. It explains why each person’s triggers are different: what is toxic to some people is not toxic to everyone. It explains why Migraines are usually the result of several triggers in combination: one toxin may not be enough to trigger a Migraine. What it doesn’t explain is, in this toxic world we live in, why doesn’t everyone get Migraines?

Following this logic, I began looking at ways to control the toxins in my body. At the peak of my Migraine suffering in 2005 I discovered the magical effects of drinking more water. I also learned to use Potassium supplements to stave off a potential Migraine when I stayed out too late, worked hard physically, or drank too much. I started using sports drinks as medication when I had a Migraine, and they helped. A lot. Keeping my body properly hydrated was a big step in the right direction.

In 2010, I went through a phase of drinking in excess nearly every night. Within the span of a few weeks, it drained away my energy and made me visibly age faster. It also changed the way my Migraines progressed. Instead of developing over a day or two, the Migraine would come on in a matter of hours, at any time of day. These weren’t hangovers and rarely corresponded to the amount or type of alcohol I consumed the night before.

As luck has it, my Migraines were far more severe, but would go away as fast as they came. As my herbalist friend Margi Flint says, “Throw up and feel better.” I could run the entire course of a Migraine in a matter of hours, forcing myself to vomit and finding relief right away. It wasn’t long before I quit drinking.

The Real Migraine Cure

My major breakthrough with Migraines came in 2014 when I decided it was finally time to lose weight. I took up a diet plan of whole, natural, home-prepared foods, eliminating quite a number of foods that are considered healthy but really aren’t. The philosophy behind this particular diet plan is that eating foods containing foreign substances cause you to get fat because your body doesn’t know what to do with them. These substances don’t “fit” anywhere in your body, so they turn into “fat”.

I was able to follow the plan fairly well and successfully lost 40 pounds over several months. Even more importantly, I was able to stop taking vitamin supplements and reduced my Migraine frequency and intensity to the lowest levels in nearly 20 years.

I became fascinated with nutrition and how different foods impact not only your weight, but also how your body feels. Eliminating certain foods and increasing the variety of foods improves your energy level and overall health. Eating any food in excess has the opposite effect and can lead to chronic illness. I started learning about metabolism and the physiology of digestion. I learned about the toxic foods we eat and their serious impact on overall health. I learned how to eliminate toxins from my body with common herbal remedies.

Then one day, I realized my migraines were no longer controlling me. Instead I could control them.

Your Migraine Cure

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